The future, today
Bringing joy throughout Japan

A vibrant society has a bright future. Future societies are likely to be more convenient, plentiful and provide us with improved living conditions.

Realize Corporation grows businesses into entities that make the world a better place by leveraging our knowledge, dynamism and insight into the future. We add value to existing structures and objects to create entirely new services and products, and deliver them to customers seeking such items. “The future, today” is our mission to bring joy throughout Japan through our business activities.

The post-war high economic growth period transformed Japan from a society of lack into a society of surplus. As the times change, our desire to possess and consume is beginning to fade. Companies are shifting from management based on owning to management without owning. We are witnessing this transformation across all sectors, and the transportation and logistics industry is no exception.

Truck Fund™ helps transport companies transform their management style, brings stability to managerial finances struggling with imbalanced assets, and provides benefits to investors and financial institutions. Truck Fund™ is a financial product that has the power to dynamize the Japanese economy.

“Bringing joy throughout Japan” – by embodying this concept, we continue our endeavors toward the future. We hope you share our excitement about our upcoming initiatives.

December 2019

Yosuke ImafukuPresident & CEO