Creating the option to borrow trucks

A constant headache for transport companies is the cost of procuring trucks and other vehicles. While finance leases are the norm for vehicle procurement in the transport and logistics industry, the initial cost for capital investment, as well as monthly maintenance and management fees after the purchase are a major burden. Recent increases in fuel costs and reductions in transportation fees make the situation even more overwhelming.

For transport companies struggling with such issues, Realize Corporation proposes R.Lease™ to procure vehicles using an operating lease. With R.Lease™, you’ll no longer need to purchase vehicles. Instead, you’ll be able to borrow vehicles only when necessary, for example to expand your business. R.Lease™ standardizes the cost of procuring, maintaining and managing vehicles, paving the way to profitability.

Adopt a more aggressive approach to your business with R.Lease™

While vehicles are important assets, the cost of continuing to own them creates pressure on the business. R.Lease™ allows transport companies to improve their financial health by switching from management based on owning to management without owning. R.Lease™ comes with many other benefits that will enable your business to adopt a more aggressive approach.

Implementing R.Lease™ will allow transport companies to:

・Off-balance company assets (vehicles)
・Increase vehicle procurement options
・Borrow vehicles short term (1-3 years)
・Standardize the cost of vehicle procurement

With Realize Corporation:

・Our large fleet provides vehicle delivery as fast as within 3 days. Rapid response to breakdowns
・Reduced costs for vehicle inspection, maintenance and taxes (coverage depends on contract type)
・Use of business license plates
・High leaseback purchases*

*Our long-term operation of vehicles allows us to provide high assessments and purchases of vehicles compared to the average used car dealer. Our strengths will also prove advantageous for urgent financing requests from transport companies. On the other hand, our vehicle loan prices are set low, allowing transport companies to “sell high, borrow low” and continue using vehicles without needing to own them.


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