A vehicle asset management system
to help you make the right business decision.

How much are you spending annually on that truck? How much profit is it generating? Realize Corporation is developing a vehicle asset management system to help visualize information such as profitability and maintenance management costs per vehicle.

For example, by knowing the annual cost for maintenance and repairs on a vehicle, as well as how much profit it generates, you will be able to make the right business decision, such as how much to charge a client, or when and how many vehicles should be procured or sold.

All information is held on a cloud server, enabling easy access from regional offices or from the field. Accurate information sharing will contribute to the optimization of business operations.

Making lease vehicle IoT implementation easier for transport companies

Today, we often hear about the IoT (Internet of Things) for vehicles in the automotive industry in relation to autonomous driving and other AI-based technology. The implementation of vehicle IoT enables transport companies to ascertain the geographic position of vehicles in motion and avoid traffic and accidents based on real-time road conditions. It can also help prevent vehicle theft and improve working conditions for long-distance drivers.

Realize Corporation takes vehicle IoT implemented by manufacturers and major transportation companies and promotes it to transport companies and manufacturers regardless of their size or sector. Transport companies who lease our vehicles can benefit from this convenience very easily.

We are committed to providing information and business management support to transport companies by analyzing the vehicle data we collect and cumulate.